Membangun Kesadaran Santripreneur Berbasis Kearifan Lokal di Pondok Pesantren

  • Zamroni Zamroni Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda
  • Hasan Baharun Universitas Nurul Jadid
  • Achmad Febrianto
  • Muhammad Ali Fakultas Agama Islam, Universitas Nurul Jadid
  • Siti Rokaiyah Fakultas Agama Islam, Universitas Nurul Jadid


The development of information technology has made a real contribution to social life, especially in entrepreneurship. To make the best use of technology, it is necessary to prepare an intelligent millennial generation to look for opportunities. The prepared age must be mature in understanding the basics of entrepreneurship. The potential for economic empowerment of pesantren is further developed to improve the community’s economy; this is done to reduce the current poverty rate. The urgency of the pesantren’s economic spirit is enough to revive the pesantren’s economy from various activities—one of the activities that can foster the entrepreneurial spirit of students. The Nurul Jadid Islamic Boarding School tries to produce students by educating its students so that they can be entrepreneurs. This study aims to analyze and understand the activities carried out by the Nurul Jadid Islamic Boarding School to raise awareness of santripreneurs based on local wisdom. This study uses a qualitative approach to the type of phenomenology, in which researchers try to find and understand the phenomena that exist and are developing at this time. The data collection technique was carried out using participant observation, interviews with several informants, and documentation. Data analysis is done by presenting, collecting, and drawing conclusions. The results showed that building students' awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship was carried out by the Nurul Jadid Islamic Boarding School Community through Skills Activities carried out by bringing in mentors, Opening of Bazaar Stands, and Pesantren Cooperatives.