Author Guedlines

Author Guidelines

Instructions for Contributors


1. The submitted manuscript is an original work that has never been previously published or is undergoing publication in other journals.
2. It may include philosophical studies, a study excerpt, or the legal opinions of Islamic law professors, as well as the interpretation of court decisions (case law);
3. It is written in Indonesian/Arabic/English according to the norms for scientific papers;
4. The length of the document ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 words; A4-sized paper with 1.15-inch margins, Goudy Old Style font, and font size 12; and A4-sized paper with 1.15 spacing.
5. The paper is submitted through the website of Ghaly: Islamic Economic Law Journal by first logging into the system, or by submitting it as a Microsoft Word file to the editorial board at


1. The submitted manuscript must contain a title, author's name, an English abstract, and keywords.
2. The abstract is succinct, concise, and straightforward, containing between 150 and 200 words that express the problem (Issue), theory or assumed condition (Rule), argument or analysis (Argument), and conclusion (Conclusion);
3. Maximum of five keywords (words or phrases);
4. The table of contents includes the following headings: introduction, discussion (headings and subheadings should be tailored to the needs of each work), and conclusions.

Footnotes & Bibliography:

Use footnotes (Chicago Manual of Style) when citing;
In repeated citations, only the author's surname, the abbreviated title of the book or article, and the page number should be included. Example: Hazarin, Tujuh Serangkai, p. 75; Alfitri, "Religious Liberty," p. 19;
For further citations, use Ibid. if the page is the same, or Ibid. h. 10 if the page is different; references should be inserted at the end of the article and organized alphabetically with the author's last name in the lead. Example: Syaifuddin, Muhammad. Contract Law.

We advise that you utilize referencing manager software like as Zotero, Mendeley, etc.

The Arabic alphabet should be written as follows:

', b, t, th, j,, kh, d, dz, r, z, s, sh, sy,,,,, ', gh, f, q, l, m, n, h, w, y. Short vowels include a, I and u, whereas long vowels include,, and. Diphthongs: aw, ay. Tā marbūṭā: t. Article: al-. Please refer to the transliteration system described in the Ghaly Journal Guidelines for specifics on Arabic Romanization.