Peer Review Process

Peer review Process

The Ghaly Journal of Islamic Economic Law adheres to the principles of peer review. All articles to be published in the Ghaly Journal of Islamic Law will undergo the following review procedure:

1. All submission files in the journal system will be examined and selected in accordance with the journal's topic and scope.

2. The managing editor will also assess incoming manuscripts for scientific writing standards. At this point, writing that does not adhere to the minimum requirements for scientific papers or the topic and scope will be rejected immediately.

3. After passing the first step, all proposed articles will be assessed by two professional reviewers according to the theme of the written review; the editor-in-chief makes all decisions regarding publishing acceptance based on the reviewers' suggestions, comments, and criticism.

4. Members of the editor-in-chief provide feedback, guidance, and general direction to the editor-in-chief.

5. As ordered by the editor-in-chief, the implementing editor handles administrative affairs and journal circulation in the OJS system, including defining the publication schedule.